Al Rabeea - Doha, Qatar

Location: Doha, Qatar
Client: Private
Type: Type: Mixed-Use Commercial, Office, Residential Building
Size: approximate 839,585 ft2 / 78,000 m2

At 62 stories, Al Rabeea’ is a unique design for a mixed-use tower in Doha. The futuristic form is sleek and bold in its massing that was inspired by the work of a calligraphy artist. The Arabic language is the bonding element to all residents in the area. The shapes of the letters of this language were used in this tower as the main elements to create an innovative building that has never been envisioned before.

The local culture and environment were appreciated in this concept design. The latest “green” technology and the most sophisticated curtain details were proposed to create pleasant and comfortable interior spaces despite the harsh exterior environment while using renewable “green” energy.

The graceful glass forms of the tower are designed to reflect the elegance of the area and salute its success as one of the top developing regions in the world. The bent glass facade is the signature element of the project and will be internally lit to create a lasting iconic image of the project.
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